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B&J Parr Foods Ltd. Luxury savoury & fruit pies & savoury puddings! Are you looking for a product to go into your shop/store/pub/restaurant? Look no further! Our pies make a fantastic accompaniment to a great pub meal and are amongst the best pies around, our quality ingredients and attention to detail make them the best quality product for miles! dont believe us? Why not see for your self, request a sample. we can supply you or we can help manufacture your pies for you, If you do not have fruit or savoury pies, fruit tarts & more, then we can supply ours. We can also supply packaging and/or artwork tailored by you for your business. We are based in nottinghamshire, uk, close to the A1 & M1! ideal for shipping around the country. we can supply artwork, packaging & labelling for your brand of products, or simply supply you with our wonderful range of wholesale fruit tarts, pies, and cakes.

We are currently working on gluten free pies, drop us a line and let us know if this is a product that your business could benefit from having!

wild mushroom & garden vegetable pie

Wild Mushroom & Garden Vegetable Pie

Sliced mushrooms & leeks with peas & sweetcorn in a luxurious mushroom sauce all encased in our fantasic proper shortcrust pastry.

A winner for vegetarians & vegans!
can be purchased by consumers from www.limetreepantryfoods.com
Wholesalers can purchase this at a discounted rate
*Minimum order value applies to wholesale buyers

As sister company and producer of Limetree Pantry Foods products, we have the ability to provide you with the high quality pies at discounted rates for all of your wholesale needs, this includes pies made for pubs and restaurants such as our individual or medium pie ranges.
By all means drop us a line and enquire about our vast range of products, we could even make a product to suit you if you wish! Visit www.limetreepantryfoods.com and take a look at the existing range. Get in touch with us if you feel that there may be something we can help you with. As a Salsa approved site, you gain the confidence that what we supply is a reputable and safe product. We have now added a Wild Mushroom & Garden Vegetable Pie to our range of products which will appeal to vegetarians & Vegans! Feel free to browse our site or even give us a call!
Fruit/Savoury pie manufacturing at its best!
Here at BJ Parr Foods Ltd, we pride ourselves on our very high standard of production, design, artwork  and packaging services. Focusing on the production of devine bramley apple pies & other fruit pies for the wholesale industry that are truly mouthwatering, we also produce a wide range of savoury pies, including Steak & Kidney, Beef & Stilton, Chicken, Ham & Leek to name a few... A fantastic range of pies and a large selection of bespoke fruit fillings can be produced to create the perfect pie of your choice, we offer a pie manufacturing service for customers in need of a helping hand with current volumes that can be tailored to suit your company's design and artwork requirements. Bespoke tooling, artwork, and packaging can be made to suit the requirements of virtually any design of product that you would wish for, or alternatively take advantage of the already available tooling & packaging. Situated in nottinghamshire, close to the A1 and M1 we are able to supply to a large range of businesses located in the nottinghamshire area and all over the uk! Not only do we produce fantastic fruit pies, we can produce YOUR fantastic pies! We are currently in the process of producing a range of Gluten Free pies! please feel free to contact us
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Personalised Pie Packaging
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Our individual pies are ideal for use in a wholesale pub/restaurant environment, and design options (if necessary) are available for pie boxes should you require your own, also available are plastic hinge packs and sleeves for mini fruit pie multi packs. A range of fruit pies, including bramley apple pies, mince pies, fruit tarts, pastry cases & more!
Please feel free to browse our site and contact us for a quote or more information.
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