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Our Family sized Bramley Apple Pie, we think, is possibly one of the best tasting pies you will find! Succulent chunks of Bramley Apple in a rich and juicy thick syrup. This pie goes fantastically well with a great big dollop of thick custard! We can produce these pies for you, and if you wish, we can add custard inside the pie for you! This pie will serve 4-6 people easily (depending on how hungry you are of course)
Various fruit pies, including bramley apple, pastry cases, sausage rolls, fruit tarts, mince pies for the food industry.
We are able to provide a bespoke pie service that will allow us to create your own pies, let us know what you would like in the pies and we will provide a quote based on the quantity of products you would like us to provide. We can also have your products boxed in either a plain pie box, or a box with your existing artwork.
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Bramley Apple Pie
 We can produce pies of virtually any size & shape to suit your needs.
 Apricot & Apple Pie
 Apple & Raspberry Pie
   Pies made specifically to your needs!
 Apple & Blackberry Pie
 Black Cherry Pie
 Rhubarb & Strawberry Pie
 Apple & Lemon Pie
  Steak & Kidney Pie
  Virtually any flavour combination that you would wish for!
  Beef & Stilton Pie
 Shortcrust Sausage Rolls
 We can make pies with custard inside!
 A range of shortcrust tarts &  Mince Pies
Rhubarb & Custard Pie
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Fresh Rhubarb Filling
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Raspberry & Apple Filling
Luxury Mince Pies & Christmas Puddings
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